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Our Vision
  • Our vision is to be the hearts and souls to power a professional and trusted real estate agency industry.
Our Mission
  • Our mission is to provide a learning platform for personnel who have the passion to become practiced KEOs in the property industry. Most importantly, the society seek to collaborate, promote and advance the status and interest of practicing KEOs to better serve our clients and the general public.
Founding Members

The following are the Founding Members:-

  • Quek Siue Lee (Luther Quek)
  • Kong Swee Peng (Eunice Kong)
  • Liew Lai Hee (Richard Liew)
  • Lim Moon Leong (Glenn Lim)
  • Liew Hung Yee (Wendy Liew)
  • Lim Ai Hua Jacqueline (Jacqueline Lim)
  • Han Su-San (Susan Han)
  • Lim Gim Hoi (Patricia Lim)
  • Ang Gey Hian Rachel (Rachel Ang)
  • Chiong Yew Mui (Emily Chiong)
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